Meet the greatest Croatian gymnast of all time!

After the world title in Montreal in 2017, the world silver two years later in Stuttgart and two European Championships silver and countless World Championships medals, the medal he’s dreamed of and wished for since he first stepped into the gym is here.

Meet Tin Srbić, the greatest Croatian gymnast in the world, as confirmed by Mario Možnik, the president of GHS.

He’s known for his modesty and later said in an interview:

“My dream came true when I qualified for the Olympics, and I tried to work as calmly as possible, but then you see that it’s not the case. In the qualifications, the tension was so great that I wasn’t in control of my body, and if I’d not been well prepared, I wouldn’t have succeeded. While I was waiting for the judges’ decision, that minute seemed like an hour. The Croatian spirit and unity was felt among us Croatian athletes. “

Congratulations to our gymnastics hero and proud member of our DrLuigi family on such an important and historic moment for Croatian sport!