DrLuigi Medical Leather Sandal for Woman


DrLuigi medical footwear is recommended for the general population and especially created for individuals that experience problems with: sensitive feet, back pain, arthrosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, insufficiency of peripheral circulation, arthritis, obesity.

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The natural materials combined with our special design technique are responsible for creating incredibly light, soft and anatomically adjustable footwear that provides users with an immense feeling of comfort, relieves pressure from the ankles and spine and improves peripheral blood circulation

Care instructions: wipe with damp cloth only

This is one of the three most popular DrLuigi products suitable for women. Its softness allows adaptation to the shape of every foot while soles act as shock absorbers enabling ultimate comfort to ankles and spine. DrLuigi uses biomechanics to measure the static loading on the foot in linkage to the rest of the body. This knowledge helps in designing footwear that ensures pressure release on the spine and ankles and improves peripheral blood circulation while preventing bunions and other foot conditions. Made in Croatia under supervision of DrLuigi Diagnostic Center. Take a moment to walk on clouds with DrLuigi Medical Leather Slides Sandals!

Medical footwear DrLuigi is designed specifically for those who have problems with:

  • Joints and spine
  • Circulation and varicose veins
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

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